From small ethnic markets to regional grocery stores and national chains, we work with a diverse range of retailers. Regardless of location or size, we know that all our retailer customers require top quality and freshness. We work hard to deliver on that promise every day.

We also offer customized packaging solutions, from branded bags to trays to clamshells. All packaging is handled at the farm level for maximum freshness and efficiency. Once products are ready to ship, our team manages all logistics to ensure our customers receive prompt, safe delivery – either directly to the store or to designated distribution centers. 


Because we source products directly from our own farms and grower network, we offer a strong supply of popular produce items at highly competitive prices. We work with select wholesale partners to move volume and meet the needs of more customers. 

Partnership Programs

Variety and quality are the keys to success. Our grower network makes it possible for us to deliver a full line of fresh-tasting fruits and vegetables year-round. Fresh Quality Produce supports and finances farming operations in multiple locations. All of our growers are certified in best farming practices and food safety guidelines.

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